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Ryan Martin

Something about me… something something. (still working¬† on this)

Gear List

Want to know what I’m using to create and design digital media? Here’s a list of my three most used items in my arsenal. The drone helps me get where my camera cannot, whether it’s at the top of a waterfall or 300 feet above the beach. On the other hand, my camera captures crisp, breathtaking stills with stunning quality. The computer allows me to connect all of these together to create fresh content in addition to managing websites.

Canon 7D MK1

The first DSLR that I owned isn't one that I'm thinking about selling. Beyond sentimental value, it shoots great stills when combined with the right lenses.

DJI Mavic Pro

One of two drones that I own. The Mavic is my go to because of it's versatility. It can fit in my pocket and still take stunning video and photos from the sky.

Macbook Pro 2016 - 13"

I grew up using a PC my whole life. Switching to Mac was a bit rough, but now I understand both PC's and Mac's work.