Children's Ministries at Faith Community Church exists to support parents in the discipleship of their children as they grow into the community of faith.

CMD is grounded on these fundamental principles:

1. TRUTH – Teaching Biblical values and authority at age-appropriate levels.

2. GOSPEL – Bringing good news to the children of FCC, the “mission field” within our church.

3. FAMILY – Partnering with parents to minister to children together.

4. DISCIPLESHIP – Investing in the lives of kids, as well as teachers.

5. SAFETY – Providing diligent protection to all children in our care.

To learn more about how and why Faith goes about this please refer to our resources page, where you will find our vision statement, policies for volunteers and safety, and more.

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Fall Class Times:

  • Sunday 9:00–10:15  (Infant–6th Grade) During our first Service we have services for all ages.
    • Nursery & Toddlers (Upstairs to the left of the Sanctuary)
    • Pre-K (A4 and A5)
    • K-4 (A8 and 9) Children’s Worship
    • 5-6 Girls (A3)
    • 5-6 Boys (A7)
  • Sunday 10:45–12:00 (Infant–Pre-K)
    • Nursery and Toddler (upstairs to the left of the Sanctuary)
    • Beginners and Pre-K (A4 and A5)
    • K,1,2 (A10 & 11)
    • 3-4 (A7)
  • Wednesday 6:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m. (Pre-K–6th Grade) Our mid-week Kids Club will restart August 17th
    • This is our mid-week class where we learn about God, learn His Word, and praise Him! We also memorize Scripture and play some games. It’s kinda like AWANA with out the vests and books.

If you’d like more information on our Classes, please e-mail

How Can I Serve?

Thank you for your interest in serving our children here at Faith Community Church.  This page will show you the steps necessary to become approved to work with our children.

Annual training for volunteers will be coming up Fall 2021

I want to serve and I’m 18 years old or older:


    1. Member of Faith Community Church
    2. Submit Children’s Ministry Application
    3. If necessary, paper application located in Church Office
    4. Attend annual training

I want to serve and I’m between 5th grade and 18 years old:


  1. The student must complete the Student Helper Application and return it to Tommy Fandre, the Children’s Ministry Director
  2. Attend Student Helper Training
  3. Successfully complete one observation to be scheduled after completion of the training
kids walking