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Enjoy Studying Comfortably

The multi-purpose side-table can be used in a variety of ways! You can keep drinks from spilling, use it to watch Netflix without moving your computer while you get comfortable in bed, and eat snacks while keeping your bed free of crumbs!


Wooden Picture Holder

Cherish memories.

The newest product from Ryan Squared is a stylish picture holder designed to add warmth to your room with your memories. With the ability to hang up to five pictures, the panel is designed to display your favorite moments. Includes velcro command strips for easy hanging.

Stay Tuned for New Products

We love creating new, fun wood creations that add look great and are useful! Follow us on Instagram to be among the first to see brand new content or send your ideas @ryans_squared on Instagram!

Stain Choices

Choices. Lots of Choices.

Everyone’s different, and we understand that. We offer over 20 different types of stains to personalize your table so that it screams you. Our personal favorite the sleek, dark Jacobean. Which stain is your favorite?

What is Ryan Squared?

As a student with a passion for a marketing, I sought for a way to directly implement what I learned from the classroom into real-life examples. Creating a small (really small) business allowed me to do use it as a medium to express what I learned and play with different marketing strategies. I loved the experience that came along with running my first business, Holey Waffles (@holeywaffles on Instagram) that I began creating wood products for students at TMU. If you’d like to hear more stories about running businesses as a student, click that button below!

Have a wonderful day!