Beautiful Web Design

More than 2 Billion people use the internet every day, and 90% of them have either purchased or interacted with a company in the past 12 months.


Stunning designs sell. I create brand new websites and redesign old, outdated websites.


You’re gonna want a site that your customers can trust. And with SSL you’ll trust it too.


It’s important to know who’s visiting your site and what they’re doing. Every visitor is a potential customer.

What I've Done

Local Businesses

Our communities are founded on local business and I feel called to help those businesses grow and thrive online and into the future.

Look Great Online

A poorly designed website can hurt your company’s brand and you can lose out on valuable sales. A website is a powerful tool that is a word-of-mouth’s customer’s first look at your business.

Responsive Design.

It doesn’t cut it to only have a website that works and looks good on computers. You need an adaptable website that can accommodate every type of screen size. Lone Martian Creative designs websites specific to computers and mobile devices so that it seems there are two separate websites.

Getting Started

You’re on your way to closing more sales with your website! Fill out this form and I’ll quickly contact you about how I can help design your website!


Most frequent questions and answers

Usually, projects end up being completed in 30-60 days. This timeframe ultimately depends on how active the client in is feedback and content delivery. The more involved the client is in decision making, the quicker the site will be complete.

The majority of the content on the site is delivered by the client. However, because I do offer copywriting and photography services, I can create content if desired.

Yes. To make your life easier, we take care of the hosting and domain name and bill you monthly. If at any time you’d like to take the domain and hosting into your own hands, we’ll be happy to transfer it to you.

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of the site. While larger marketing companies charge over $2000 for a website, I offer 3 simple packages ranging from $800 – $1200 depending on your website needs.